#cross_solidarity II (english)

The (Re-)Organization of the plural Left in crisis (working title)

Between the 26th and the 28th of April 2013 the congress „Cross_Solidarity. Internationale Solidarität in der Krise“ (“Cross_Solidarity. International solidarity in crisis”), organized by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation and several partners, took place in Wuppertal. Approximately 150 participants and experts discussed opportunities as well as hurdles and barriers to cross-boundary cohesion, successes and failures and organization and communication processes. It revealed itself that discussions concerning international solidarity are more crucial than ever. The focal point rather was on practices of a contemporary internationalism than on isolated topics.

In order to deepen discussion, enhance cooperation and to further critically approach new forms of protest, there will be a follow-up conference in Bochum in cooperation with Bahnhof Langendreer from the 7th to the 9th of November, to which we would like to invite you.

This year’s conference targets the manifold activists of the so called Mosaic-Left in Germany as well as on an international level. The ambition is to initiate a (self-)critical exchange of experiences between members of labor unions, political parties and non-parliamentary movements and initiatives, who are engaged in searching new methods of operation and political ways of understanding.

The conference will focus on intersections of transnational left organizations involved in crisis-protests in order to,

• scrutinize the self-image
• enhance own practices by learning from each other’s experiences and reflections
• reflect own practices in dealing with and sensitize for asymmetry and differences
• recognize and detect organizational barriers between political parties, labor unions and movements and ideally overcome them
• discuss obstacles to transnational organization and develop solutions
• further networking beyond national or organizational boundaries
• connect local one-point political programs into one overarching agenda

Affirmed participants at the moment:

•    Christos Giovanopoulos (Solidarity4 all)
•    Steve Williams (former secretary of POWER, USA)
•    Elham Aidaross (Democracy movement, Tunisia)
•    Nikhil Dey (MKSS (Mazdoor Kishan Shakti Sangthan) India)
•    Andrea Christina Mercado (National Domestic Workers Alliance, USA)
•    Chema Ruiz (Co-Founder PAH, ES)
•    Christiane Schneider (Recht auf Stadt-Bewegung, Die LINKE, BRD)
•    Heiner Köhnen (TIE, BRD)
•    Corinna Genschel (Blockupy, BRD)
•    Christina Kaindl (Leiterin der Bereichs Strategie- und Grundsatzfragen der Partei Die       Linke, BRD)
•    Eva Völpel (Mit-Autorin von „Plätze sichern“, VSA 2014, BRD)